Schoolhouse Cabin

Originally Built: N/A
Original Owner: Levi Lukens
Original Location: Along Jonah's Run near Harveysburg
Added to Village: 1975
Donated By: Waynesville Chamber of Commerce
House Parent:  

The school house has been restored from a building that came from near Harveysburg on Jonahs Run. It may have been close to Hugh Tates Mill also located on Jonahs Run.

Schools were established very early in the 1800's as soon as a small community developed. These were subscription schools financed by local people. Some early teachers were paid sixty cents a day. Early pioneer schools were small in size with little furniture and light on comfort.

Some believe this small log cabin was the early settlers cabin of Levi Lukens used by his family while he build his 2 1/2 story house located across the Village Green here. This small cabin came from Levi Lukens land in the valley below the Pioneer Village site.

It was typical for settlers to build a small settlers cabin close to water in which to live while building a larger home. There would be a well by the home so it could be built farther from the lake or stream.

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