Mills-Taylor Saddlebag Cabin

Originally Built: 1798
Original Owner: James Taylor
Original Location: Dry Run Road, Perrintown, Ohio
Added to Village: 1976
Donated By: T.F. and Bonnie Mills
House Parent:  

The Mills-Taylor saddlebag house was built by a Mr. Taylor possibly between 1795-1800. The house was located along Dry Run Road a few miles from Perrintown just east of Milford, Ohio.

Although not a Caesar Creek building it was too fine of a specimen to decline when offered to the Village by the Mills family. It was dismantled and moved to the Village where it was restored.

Mr. Taylor may have been an indentured servant who may have moved to Ohio from the south. This is one of two saddlebag houses in the Village.

A saddlebag is a house with two sections sharing a common chimney with a fireplace for each section. It differs from the Hawkins house in that it is a single level roof line with one top sill log spanning the entire length.

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