Lukens Barn

Originally Built: 1810
Original Owner: Levi Lukens
Original Location: Still on its original location
Added to Village: 1810
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House Parent:  

When the Village Association took possession of the grounds two buildings were on the site: the Lukens House and the Lukens post and beam barn built on the site in about 1810.

The barn has been stripped of all its siding which was in the process that all the buildings in the project area went through, were either taken down for the material in them, moved to another location, or simply demolished. A few were burned by vandals.

The weathered barn siding, a desirable commodity for decorative purposes, had been taken by a local builder leaving only the frame and the roof. Although it was piled full of manure and debris the frame was still strong and so it was decided to restore it as one of the first Village projects.

Through several years the Village volunteers removed siding from other condemned buildings in the project area, sawed them to fit and resided the building. A floor was put in and doors and windows added and the big barn doors were built. Stone foundation work was done and the building became a valuable item for both storage and operation of the Village.

Over the years it has been a dance floor, machinery, storage facility, craftperson's sales area, performer's stage, the bake table area for Volunteer food sales at festivals and meeting location. It now houses a restored 1800's operable wood lathe.

Interesting Facts: Original to the Property