Lukens Cabin

Originally Built: 1808
Original Owner: Levi Lukens
Original Location: Still on its Original Location
Added to Village: 1808
Donated By:  
House Parent: Allie Jarvis

In 1807, Levi Lukens and his wife Elizabeth Cleaver Lukens immigrated to Warren County, Ohio as part of the exodus of Quakers into the area.

They shortly purchased 1,000 acres in Massie Township along the banks of the Caesar's Creek and thereon constructed their first permanent dwelling. He selected Beech logs to construct this eighteen foot by twenty foot full two story house facing the east. Originally the first floor was divided into two rooms with the south half serving as a kitchen with a substantial cooking fireplace. The north end served other various family needs and was heated by a stone boxed fireplace. The second story was divided into two bedrooms with the stairway rising from the kitchen area.

The family moved into the structure on January 1, 1808 as noted in the history of Warren County by W.H. Beers & Co. 1882. Levi Lukens, being the owner and operator of a grist mill with a saw mill, a few years later relocated nearer his mill. As time progressed the Lukens homestead underwent various alterations and modernizations. The original puncheon flooring was replaced by sawed floor joist and flooring and the exterior was covered with board siding. In later years a stone walled basement was added and at a later date yet a lean-to kitchen was added making the original kitchen fireplace obsolete thus causing it to be removed.

The Victorian period brought additional alterations to the building with the enlargement of all the original windows and with the installation of a Victorian mantle around the original heating fireplace. The Twentieth century also brought its share of changes and additions.

At the present time all modernizations and additions to the building have been removed exposing the original structure.

The house exemplifies the typical log architecture in Warren County. This building, being above average size, is an excellent example of a prosperous business mans home.

Interesting Facts:

Originally built by Mr. Lukens

Only Cabin original to the property