Heighway Cabin

Originally Built: 1792
Original Owner: Samuel Heighway
Original Location: North of the old Cincinnati-Columbus Road and on the west side of Newman run
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Samuel Heighway came into the area as early as 1792 with the surveying party. This cabin could have been built on a trip into this area previous to 1797 which is when Heighway and Dr. Evan Banes made a permanent settlement in Waynesville. It seems logical that this was a pre-settlement building possible as early as 1792.

The cabin was located north of the old Cincinnati-Columbus Road and on the west side of of Newman run. Located near by the 1840 narrow gauge railroad grade. This was just north of the three bridges and south of Waynesville. The Cincinnati-Columbus Road roughly followed the old Harmar's trace.

Samuel Heighway later built a mill on Newman's run located just east of the cabin. This cabin was made of small logs so they could be lifted by hand. Larger logs were raised up an incline of green poles by man power, oxen, or horses. The building was moved and reconstructed on its current site by the CCPV.

This build was lived in continuously until it was partially burned in 1971. At the time it could lay claim to being one of the oldest inhabited cabins in Ohio

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