Hawkins Cabin

Originally Built: ~1825
Original Owner: Amos Hawkins and Ann Millhouse Hawkins
Original Location: Van der Vort Farm on Center Road, New Burlington, Ohio
Added to Village: 1974
Donated By: Ralph and Eleanor Hanaghan
House Parent: Scott Bidwell

In 1818 Amos Hawkins and his wife Ann Milhouse Hawkins purchased of Joseph Townsend 143 acres of land along the banks of Caesar's Creek in Massie Township, Warren County Ohio. Between 1825 and 1826 he erected on this land an unusually large saddlebag log house reminiscent of the homes in Cane Creek, South Carolina from whence he had emigrated in 1804.

Amos Hawkins paid particular attention to the details of construction and interior finishing. He chose very substantial poplar logs for the basic construction selecting them for uniformity in size. The top log in each gable end extended beyond the lower logs thus accomodating a wider top sill log. This provided an unusually wide overhang in both the front and the back for a typical log structure. Special attention was paid to the finishing of the extended logs in the horse shoe cleat effect and the beveling of the exterior of the top sill log. Walnut boards because of their durability were chosen for the exterior door and window facings. Both half dovetail and full dovetail were used in the log notchings.

The builder of this structure being a master craftsman finished the interior to a fine detail. The interior walls were made of random width poplar boards with a single groove or beading on the surface. The floor beams between the first and second floor being jack planed finished with a very deep beading on the lower edges added an air of refinement. The building remained in the original condition unaltered until shortly after the turn of the twentieth century at which time the downstairs rooms where lathed and plastered and the fireplace in the main part of the house covered over.

At a later date the original kitchen portion was converted to a farm work shop. As time passed the main part of the house which was no longer being used as a residence was used as a granary with only minor alterations to the interior. In the late 1950's or 60's the kitchen area having fallen into a state of deterioration and disrepair was dismantled and removed thus leaving the kitchen fireplace with its orignal crane intact.

In November of 1974 the larger part of this building including the stone chimney and fireplace was dismantled and moved to its current location in the Village. The building was re-erected using stone from its original foundation.

The smaller portion by James Amos' brother was donated to the Village in 1977 by Mr. Charles Stanley who had it in storage. It has been used here as the second part of the saddlebag house replacing the original second half which had deteriorated and been removed as noted previously.

Interesting Facts:

3rd Building Moved to the Pioneer Village (Larger Portion of the Cabin)