Githens Cabin

Originally Built: ~1820
Original Owner: David Alexander
Original Location: State Route 48, just north of Route 63 in Warren County
Added to Village: 1981
Donated By: Richard Githens Family
House Parent:  

The Githens House came from State Route 48 just north of Route 63 in Warren County. The original deed to the land on which the building stood was made to David Alexander in 1814. The deed was signed by James Madison, president of the United States. It is estimated that the house was built about 1820.

A Thomas Stephenson had lived in the house in 1842. He was a weaver and his will listed a loom as well as a quantity of cloth. The Richard Githens family later lived in the cabin which by this time included a framed addition around the log building. The cabin was donated to Ceasar's Creek Pioneer Village in 1979 by the Richard Githens family. The building was dismantled and moved to the village. It has now been restored and is used for spinning, weaving, and similar crafts. Mr. and Mrs. Githens also donated a one hundred year old workshed. Materials of which are serving many buildings in the Village.

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