General Store Cabin

Originally Built: Early 1800's
Original Owner: Harris-Poe
Original Location: New Jasper-Paintersville Road, east of the Caesar's Creek Valley
Added to Village: 1977
Donated By: Susie A. Hollingsworth, Charles Hollingsworth, Mary E. Smith
House Parent:  

The Store occupies the early Harris-Poe house from New Jasper-Paintersville Road east of the Caesar Creek Valley. This early 1800's log building was given to the village by the Hollingsworth family near Paintersville and was moved here in 1977.

Village members, the Harold Fugett family took this house under their wing. The Fugett's finished it, set it up, and tended it as a Country Store for a number of years. It currently operates as the CCPV's Volunteer Office and Gift Shop with all sales profits going back to the Village's restoration fund.

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