Furnas Cabin

Originally Built: 1828
Original Owner: Seth and Dinah Furnas
Original Location:  
Added to Village: 1975
Donated By: U.S. Corps of Engineers
House Parent: Scott Bidwell

In 1804, Robert Furnas Sr. arrived in Warren County with his wife, Hannah Wilson Furnas migrating from Bush River, South Carolina. Making the long trek, Robert and Hannah brought their four young children with the youngest, Seth, born March 26, 1803.

Warren County was good for the Furnas family and they prospered as did many other Quaker families. By 1826, Seth Furnas had grown to manhood and the time came for him to take a wife. On November 1, 1826, he married Dinah Kinley, daughter of Edward and Margaret Kinley.

Like most Quaker families in the area, Seth and Dinah were farmers and thus on the 15th of March, 1828, they purchased 150 acres from John Rhodes and thereon erected a two story log cabin. Seth and Dinah remained on this property until 1838 at which time it passed to another Furnas family and stayed until 1868.

Several families occupied the log house through the years and each family left its marks with various alterations and additions. In 1970 this property was purchased by the United States of America as part of the land acquisition for the Caesar Creek Lake Project. A historical survey by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rediscovered the log structure, long since covered with Clap board siding.

In January of 1975 this building passed to Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village for their dismantling and moving. The Seth and Dinah Kinley Furnas house has been re-erected in the Village in nearly its original condition and serves as the Pioneer homestead.

Interesting Facts: 4th House to be moved to the Pioneer Village