Collett Cabin

Originally Built: 1814
Original Owner: Daniel Collett
Original Location: South East Corner of Ohio State Route 73 and Collett Road
Added to Village: 1983
Donated By: Daniel Collett Family
House Parent:  

The Daniel Collett House was built in 1814. Its original location was at the south east corner of Ohio State Route 73 and Collett Road.

A soldier in the Revolutionary War, Daniel Collett at age 62 moved from Jefferson County Virginia to his 4000 acre purchase of Virginia military lands in Clinton County. With the help of his wife, Mary Haines Collett, and son Jonathan, he cleared land, built his house, and began farming. As the farm developed they built another frame house nearby, which was used by son Jonathan.

In 1823, Jonathan married Mary McKay, daughter of Moses McKay. They built a third frame house and added a blacksmith shop which served the community during the years of horse power.

Both the second and third houses still stand on property owned by the descendants of Daniel Collett. For many years the house was covered by mill cut siding, accounting for its preservation. In 1983, the weather beaten siding was removed, the building dismantled, and the logs moved to the site it now sits on. It has been reconstructed with the assistance of the Collett family.

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