Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village


Welcome to the Website for the Pioneer Village. Our website is still going through a few growing pains so it is possible you will find some sections a little short on information. Rest assured though we are working hard to get every section updated and get as much information as you could possibly want on the website. We are going to be putting a lot of information about the History of the Village and you will be able to see how we have grown over the years also. If you have comments, questions or kudos, feel free to drop us a line.


Upcoming Events:

2017 Schedule is now on the Events Page. If you have an idea for an event that you think would be great for the Village feel free to email us. Also we are a fantastic venue for Weddings and Family Gatherings and the Village is available to be rented. Drop us an email and we will be glad to work with you on planning your event.

Public Paranormal Investigation at the Village

July 14th - 7:30 pm to 4:00 am

We are continuing our Public Investigations of the Pioneer Village and this time we are expanding things just a bit and making the time in the Village longer along with adding a dinner.

We are going outside of the normal Investigations that we have done for the public and expanding the hours we will be investigating and also adding a dinner to the beginning of the evening. During the dinner, everyone will have the opporutnity to talk with our investigators and we will play some of the evidence which we have gathered over the past year of us investigating at the Village. We will also play some of the evidence which we have gotten from other investigations which we have gotten outside of the Village so everyone will have an idea of what could be found. 

The investigation will include:
* Home cooked dinner prepared by some of the Volunteers at the Village
* Use of our equipment. For this investigation we will have cameras set up in one of the buildings, K2s, Mel Meters, Flashlights, Rem Pods, SB7 Spirit Box, Laser Grids, Recording Devices
* We will also be taking breaks throughout the night for snacks and water
* All evidence will be shared through a website which will be set up specifically for this event 

Before the investigation, we will be playing some of the EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) which we have recorded over the past year in the Bullskin Inn. You will also be able to talk with one of our Village members he will be one of the people who will be running the Investigations. We will also have other Village Members there who have been part of the investigations. There will be members of the Village available to also tell you the history of the Village itself and all of the buildings in the Village.

Menu for the Meal: 
Ham cooked at the Village
Smashed Potatoes
Home made Rolls
Home made Apple Butter
Blackberry Cobbler for Dessert

Coffee, Tea, Water will be served with dinner and available all night long. 

The whole meal will be made from scratch and made by our expert period chef. If special dietary concerns need to be addressed, send us a message through Facebook or email and we can discuss alternatives. 

Due to this being an event at night and the liability of moving around the Village at night, we have to restrict this to an 18 and older event.

Rules can be found at this link.

Tickets can be purchased through eventbrite.

Cost: $ 45 per person

Membership Meeting

July 15th, 2017

Location: Bullskin Inn at the Village

Time: Board (10am), Membership (11am)

This will be the Membership Meeting for June and is open to all members and also anyone who would be interested in becoming a member. The meeting will be at the Bullskin Inn at the Pioneer Village. Lunch is to follow at Noon and a work day is planned for after the meeting/lunch.

Public Paranormal - Young Adult Edition

July 15th, 2017 - 8:30 pm to 1:30 am

This investigation will be for the younger generation of up and coming investigators. We have found that there is a younger generation which is becoming interested in Paranormal Investigation so we want to give them an introduction to what it is like and show them the proper ways of investigating. This event will be restricted to only parents and their children, no child can attend without an accompanying adult and no adult can attend without an accompanying child.

We will be investigating 3 to 4 of the buildings in the village and giving the kids an introduction to what it is like to do paranormal investigation. This will include introduction to different techniques and also use of a lot of the equipment they have seen on the tv shows.

**Note** -- This event is only for Parents and their children. Any child without a parent will not be allowed to participate and any adult without a child will not be allowed to attend and will be turned away at the door. For this event, a child is anyone between the ages of 13 and 17 since anyone 18 and up is able to attend our regular investigations.

Snacks and refreshments will be made available during the event for everyone attending.

On the night of the event all participants will need to sign a liability waiver form. No one will be allowed to investigate without filling out and signing the form. Any questions please send an email

Rules can be found at this link.

Tickets can be purchased through eventbrite.

Cost: $25 per person

Vintage Base Ball

July 16th, 2017 - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Come out and watch Baseball as it was originally played as we have 2 teams from the Vintage Base Ball Association meeting at the Pioneer Village for an exhibition game. 

These teams play by the original rules of baseball (1869) along with vintage uniforms and equipment. It is truly amazing to watch them play the game the way that it was originally intended to be played. The kids will be amazed as they can be up close to the players and see how the game they know so well started off. 

Cost: $5 per person 16 and older.

* Fundraising for the Village - Raffles *

We are running a couple of different raffles to raise money for the restoration of the Toll House Cabin. You can find all of the details on our Raffle Page.

* Metal Detecting at the Village *

As there have been an influx of inquiries about metal detecting at the village, we decided to post a message here about it. As the Pioneer Village is located on State land (we rent the land from the state), we abide by their rules which state that the only place any metal detecting can take place is on the sandy portion of the beach at the Public Beach Area. All other metal detecting is a prohibited activity.